The Gentleman’s Choice – Organic Ceylon Pekeo

A distinguished Ceylon tea with a light character and subtle floral notes, fit for the refined moments of life.


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Step into the world of sophistication with our Organic Ceylon (Pekoe) – a tea that epitomizes timeless flavor. Sourced from the pristine tea regions of Sri Lanka and India, this classic Ceylon tea offers a light infusion with delicate floral undertones.

Our tea, crafted with utmost precision, pays homage to the rich heritage of Ceylon teas. It’s a choice fit for the discerning gentleman, perfect for those afternoon gatherings that demand an extra touch of refinement.

Unveil the essence of our distinguished blend:

  • Luxury Ingredients: Pure black tea, organically certified.
  • Small Batch Blended and Packed in: Canada
  • Tea(s) From: The tea leaves hail from the picturesque regions of Sri Lanka and India, bringing together the finest flavors from the heart of tea culture.
  • Antioxidant Level: High, offering the goodness of natural antioxidants to enliven your senses.
  • Caffeine Content: Medium, providing the perfect dose of alertness without overwhelming your refined palate.
  • Shelf Life: Embrace the beauty of longevity with a shelf life of 20 years when unopened. Once the seal is broken, savor the freshness for up to 2 years.

Elevate your tea experience with Bearded Tea’s Organic Ceylon (Pekoe) – The Gentleman’s Choice. It’s a tea that resonates with tradition and modern elegance, bringing a touch of class to every sip. Cheers to the refined moments of life!

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